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Knives out for Muslim doctor

Knives out for Muslim doctor

Categories: Latest News

Wednesday April 09 2014

In an appalling attempt at character assassination, the Daily Telegraph yesterday published an article suggesting that Dr Imran Waheed, a former senior representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir, is unsuited to his role as a psychiatrist because of past association with the group.

In a lengthy piece the paper draws attention to the so-called ‘conveyor belt’ theory of radicalisation, which holds that individuals with staunch views are more susceptible to committing acts of terror because of their Manichean worldwiews. The theory doesn’t appear to bear out when assessed against empirical evidence. A study by researchers at Queen Mary university found that religious practice, mental health, social inequality and political engagement were not significant risk factors in explaining susceptibility to violent radicalisation.

After drawing on a litany of reasons as to why Dr Waheed’s post in treating individuals suffering from mental health afflictions presents a problem, the paper concludes with this:

“Dr Peter Lewis, executive medical director at BSMHT, said: “Dr Imran Waheed is a highly regarded clinician in the organisation and there have been no concerns raised with us relating to any impact of his external activities on his clinical work or on the quality of care provided to his patients.”

“Hizb ut-Tahrir said Dr Waheed was no longer its chief media adviser and that it media pack is out of date, but admits he is still a member.

“In a statement HT said: “The media pack on the site is out of date and he no longer holds the position he did some years ago. Indeed, he holds no official position in the organisation.”

Perhaps if the article had started with these facts, rather than append them to the end of an accusatory piece, the likelihood of misleading readers and casting unhealthy aspersions would be greatly diminished.


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