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Jews and now Muslims as 'The Enemy Within'

Jews and now Muslims as 'The Enemy Within'

Categories: Latest News

Friday September 18 2009

  Jonathan Freedland in the Jewish Chronicle this week reviews a forthcoming Channel 4 broadcast called ‘The Enemy Within’, and reflects on the parallels between the demonisation of British Jews a century earlier and the present day demonisation of British Muslims.

He writes:

Jews, once deemed an alien menace, are now successfully woven into Britain’s national life. The film does not spell it out, but the hint is obvious: the same could happen with Muslims.

‘It might be wise for us remember this chapter in our history. Next time we’re tempted to join the chorus demonising Muslims, we should recall that not so long ago it was us being demonised. Jews and Muslims have more in common with each other than we might like to admit.’


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