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Israelis Kill 13 Palestinians Praying Inside a Mosque – Yet Still UK Govt Refuses To Criticise Israel

Israelis Kill 13 Palestinians Praying Inside a Mosque – Yet Still UK Govt Refuses To Criticise Israel

Categories: Latest News

Sunday January 04 2009

    In yet another low for Zionist crimes at least 13 Palestinians including 6 children were killed on Saturday 3rd January in just one Israeli raid when a missile struck the Ibrahim al-Maqadna mosque in Gaza during evening prayers.

Another 60 people were wounded, 16 of them critically, on the strike on the mosque, which was reduced to rubble. More than 200 people were inside the mosque praying when it was struck.  

Appallingly, the UK government still has yet to issue a clearly worded statement condemning Israel for its brutal actions which have killed over 400 Palestinians to date.

Just imagine if Hamas had killed 400 Israelis in one week including 13 who were in a synagogue. It is simply inconceivable that the UK govt would have remained quite so mute. In addition, the UK government would not have resorted to shameful delaying tactics at the United Nations to prevent a resolution being issued to condemn Hamas.

It is quite plain that the UK government and its Foreign and Commonwealth Office are acting in the same ugly and complicit manner as it did in the summer of 2006 when it gave a nod and a wink to Israel’s savage bombardment of Lebanon.

So much for the government’s overhyped Preventing Violent Extremism agenda.

Please do contact the FCO (and urge your friends to do the same) and protest at the Foreign Secretary David Miliband’s refusal to condemn Israel’s barbarous actions and its delaying tactics at the UN by calling on 020 7008 1500, or by email at [email protected]. Demand that the UK govt call for the Israelis to withdraw completely from all occupied territories and dismantle their huge illegal Jewish settlements.


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