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Islamophobic letter sent to Kent and Essex mosques – “I hate you cockroaches”

Islamophobic letter sent to Kent and Essex mosques – “I hate you cockroaches”

Categories: Latest News

Thursday May 03 2018


A number of mosques in Kent and Essex were targeted yesterday, 2nd of May 2018, with threatening letters calling for violence against Muslims and anyone who supports Muslims, with explicit reference to ‘Punish a Muslim day’.

Mosques targeted were located in Maidstone, Canterbury, Gravesend and Colchester.

The letter appears to have been written by an individual who intends to use a weapon against Muslims and anyone who supports Muslims.

The letter states:
“As you can see I have acquired a weapon and I am more than prepared to use it on you and members of your Masjid (well I WILL use it on you, what am I saying!).

So my plans for the 3rd of April (Dylann Storm Roof’s birthday) did not go quite as expected, that’s no problem, there’s still time.

I freakin’ hate the pigs (police) and liberal do-gooder hippies just as much as I hate you cockroaches. I blame them whole heartedly for the mess my country has become. So, as of now, the police and anyone who supports you Muslims are now a valid target for bloodshed.

I do not follow YOUR law, I follow MY law, and I answer to no-one.

To beat the pigs at their own game, simply do not speak to them or do as they tell you. If you do not give them your details when they try to stop you, you win and they lose, simples!


I have had a life of torment, harassment, bullying, and abuse. I hate you all. Humanity is a joke, humanity never helped me when someone trapped me in a room at school and they tried to touch me, when I tried to kill myself as a teenager who cared? Who came along when people physically and emotionally attacked me, no-one. We who are rejected by society.


The letter also displays pictures of: Dylann Storm Roof, who committed the Charleston Church shooting terror attack, resulting in the death of nine individuals; Elliot Rodger, who committed the Isla Vista killings, resulting in the death of six individuals; and what appears to be Alexandre Bissonnette, who killed six people at Quebec City Mosque in 2017.

The pictures are accompanied with the following text:

“Some pics of the most awesome killers this decade. N******, P****, and filthy wh**** beware…The extermination crew are coming for you!”.

Within the letter the author references “my plans for the 3rd of April” which is an explicit reference to ‘Punish a Muslim day’, in which people were encouraged to attack Muslims as part of a sadistic national game on the 3rd of April.

Letters such as these are undeniable indications of mounting hostility directed at Muslims and minorities. They are also evidence of rising far-right extremism and the vulnerability of innocent individuals to hatred and abuse.

The MP for Canterbury, Ms Rosie Duffield, responded to the incident by saying how “disgusted” she was. Ms Duffield tweeted: “Absolutely disgusting and cowardly act targeted on our mosque today. Please be assured that I have been updated by @ACC_Corbishley and @ketpolicecbury who are dealing with the situation”.

Mr Habib Ahmad, the Imam of Colchester Mosque, said: “Although we were disturbed to receive such a letter, we are very much looking to continue working hard to build bridges with the wider community and welcome people from all or no faiths to benefit from Colchester Mosque”.

He added: “The response from our neighbours and Colchester community has been really touching and we have received many letters, emails and phone calls of consolation. We also would like to thank Essex Police for their brilliant response and continuous reassurance which has helped us through this worrying time”.

A spokesperson for the Kent Police said: “At 12.23pm officers received a report that a suspicious letter containing white powder had been sent to a mosque in Giles Lane, Canterbury. The area was cordoned off and no injuries were reported. The powder was tested and it transpired to be a harmless substance”.

It is important that anyone who believes they are in immediate danger from a hate crime should contact the police as soon as possible on 999. If you are not in immediate danger, or if you have suffered a hate crime in the past, then you can report it using the non-emergency number 101.

You can also – in addition to the police – report any Islamophobic hate crime to MEND’s Islamophobia Response Unit (IRU) here. This allows us to monitor levels of abuse and compile accurate data on the levels of Islamophobia.

The IRU can also help you contact and deal with the police (if you choose to do so), and signpost you towards free legal advice and emotional support that may be available.



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