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Islamic dress as difference, not ‘culture clash’

Islamic dress as difference, not ‘culture clash’

Categories: Latest News

Tuesday August 09 2016

The Times today manifests another example of the sort anti-Muslim bias for which the paper has form.

Its cover image shows the German and Egyptian volleyball teams squaring off in an Olympics 2016 game in Rio and rather than celebrate the relaxation of dress codes which now allow veiled Muslim women to participate, the paper’s story is headlined “Copacabana plays host to culture clash.”

Quite why different forms of dress should be conceived as a “clash” is not clear. Difference is not instinctively a matter of conflict unless one chooses to see the world, and other cultures, in that way.

Surprising still is the presence of the cover image and story in The Times when its resident columnist Matthew Parris has highlighted the anti-Muslim prejudiceblatantly displayed on the online site’s comments feed.

Couldn’t be the case that the paper is stoking sentiments considered “completely unacceptable” if levelled at another minority group, could it?


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