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MEND Statement: Hindutva-inspired provocation in Leicester

MEND Statement: Hindutva-inspired provocation in Leicester

Categories: Latest News

Sunday September 18 2022

Following last night’s intimidating and provocative march by balaclava-wearing, hindutva-inspired, youth on the streets of Leicester, that has tarnished a diverse & cohesive community, MEND urges the police to initiate action with a consultative and community focused approach aimed at putting an end to these tensions.

Last night’s hindutva-inspired march is the latest in a list of provocation and harassment which the Muslim community has endured. The Muslim community has been meeting regularly with police and Leicester’s Civic Leadership to deal with the issues. The tensions have been simmering since an alleged hindutva-inspired mob attacked a young muslim 3 months ago, but dramatically erupted over 2 weeks ago, after Indian cricket “fans” celebrated a win with anti-Pakistan chanting and violence. This violence included an attack on a member of the Sikh community, who had to take refuge in a Muslim owned takeaway. These incidents were subsequently followed by another attack on a young man by 30 plus suspected hinduvata-inspired youth and this resulted in reciprocal violence. MEND calls on the police to use all necessary powers to find those responsible for both organising and carrying out this disorder.

MEND welcomes the message today from Leicester’s Hindu leadership condemning last night’s mob violence by 200+ balaclava wearing Hindu youth.

The vast majority of Leicester’s Hindu and Muslim communities are law abiding and have longstanding good relations across communities.

We condem all violence and provocation.

We call for an open and broad based dialogue in our communities to ensure these events are never repeated.

“we will not let hate win”.


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