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Hijacked billboards in Cardiff display Swastikas and far-right images

Hijacked billboards in Cardiff display Swastikas and far-right images

Categories: Latest News

Thursday August 03 2017

Several offensive images were on display after hackers hijacked a 30ft billboard in Queen Street, Cardiff. The incident occurred during Tuesday night after hackers exploited security vulnerabilities to gain access, displaying Swastikas and far-right images. The billboard was then switched off at midnight by BlowUP Media who operate the screen following several complaints to the local authority.

According to sources, images included the US President Donald Trump depicted as a popular internet meme amongst alt-right members in the US. Those passing by also witnessed a hoax poster citing a warning: “This is a Sharia controlled zone. No alcohol, no gambling and no porn.” The hack also featured a sinister sign with “Big brother is watching you” from George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984.

Following the offence, a spokesperson from South Wales police issued the following statement:

“On Tuesday evening South Wales Police received a number of calls relating to concerns regarding messages being displayed on the screens in Queen Street, Cardiff.

“We alerted the city council and will investigate any crimes which may have been committed.”

However, this billboard hijacking isn’t the first of its kind. The BBC reported in May that hackers in Liverpool hijacked a screen in Liverpool’s One shopping centre displaying: “We suggest you improve your security. Sincerely, your friendly neighbourhood hackers.” However, the screen was immediately turned off.


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