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First public meeting of new far-right group closed down by Anti Fascists

First public meeting of new far-right group closed down by Anti Fascists

Categories: Latest News

Wednesday August 23 2017

The Ferret reports Left wing group Antifa videoed its members converging on a pub in Glasgow where Generation Identity (Alba/Scotland) met in July.
Antifa believe that Generation identity is a neo-fascist group and that one of its members is a neo-Nazi from Poland.
Generation Identity has also been related to the so called “alt-right” in the US which was involved in the violence which occurred in Charlottesville last week, when Heather Heyer was killed during street violence which was globally broadcasted.
Recently, Generation Identity has started recruiting in Scotland via social media.
It is part of the Identitarian movement-now spreading across Europe- which started in France and is based around nationalism.
The movement opposes Islam and immigration but claims it is not linked to neo-Nazis or fascist groups.
It describes itself as a “patriotic youth movement that promotes the values of homeland, freedom and tradition”. Generation Identity also claim they’re committed to “peaceful activism, political education, and community and cultural activities”.
Images from the Facebook page of Generation Identity display that members have posted stickers around George Square, Glasgow and on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.
A poster was left at Edinburgh Castle stating “Make Love and Defend Europe”.
Generation Identity is currently participating in the Defend Europe campaign which is an attempt by far right activists to stop NGO ships from rescuing refugees in the Mediterranean Sea.
Antifa reported in a statement posted with its video that Glasgow-based activists and members of militant anti-fascist groups became aware that Generation Identity were going to launch their first meeting in Glasgow on Tuesday 25th July.
The report continued “Generation Identity are a neo-fascist, alt right organisation based in Europe, that hide behind suits, and attempt to be seen as a militant youth group, that plan ‘to defend Europe’ and split our communities by calling for the repatriation of immigrants.
“Two of their main organisers and what seemed to be their ‘security’ made a sharp exit when one Glasgow activist decided to say hello, and take pictures of his new friends.
“The activists then discussed with what was left of the group, the rights and wrongs of this new organisation.”
Antifa also claimed there was a heated exchange with a “well-known Polish neo-Nazi hard nut”.

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