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Far Right Britain First marchers chant ‘Muslim paedos off our streets’ parading through Rochdale

Far Right Britain First marchers chant ‘Muslim paedos off our streets’ parading through Rochdale

Categories: Latest News

Monday July 24 2017

The Mirror Online reports that on July 22, supporters of the far-right group ‘Britain First’ marched through Rochdale, Greater Manchester, while chanting “Muslim paedos off our streets”.

The presence of a major police force was necessary, as it was estimated that between 150-200 supporters were marching and waving flags while singing “God Save The Queen” and “England Till I Die”, and walking behind the banner: “Britain First: Opposing Muslim grooming gangs.”

Many took it to twitter to show their discomfort with the movement. One user, Stephen Ralph, said: “Britain First everyone… A National Disgrace. A total embarrassment to English people.” Another user, Dave Long, tweeted: “Britain First can march for whatever they like, however their organisation is made up of and supported by those with racist attitudes.”

Following the march, Chief Superintendent Neil Evans commented: “We have worked jointly with Rochdale Council and the community to ensure the most effective way to facilitate and manage this protest in a balanced and safe manner.”

He added: “In order to ensure we could deliver a safe operation we deployed large numbers of police which meant another busy weekend for officers, who have worked long hours in challenging circumstances to look after our communities.”

Mark Widdup, Director of Neighbourhoods at Rochdale Council added, “The Council alongside GMP, partners and the community have worked very hard to ensure that the demonstrations today in the town centre caused the minimum amount of disruption for residents, visitors and businesses.”

“I am pleased that by working together we have demonstrated exactly what the Rochdale borough is all about, different people coming together, working together for the good of our borough.”



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