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EDL plans another demonstration in Rotherham

EDL plans another demonstration in Rotherham

Categories: Latest News

Friday May 09 2014

The Star, Morning Star and Rotherham Advertiser report on English Defence League’s plan to march in Rotherham this weekend.

A total of 659 EDL supporters are expected to attend from sign up on the group’s Facebook page.

A previous march organised by the EDL required almost 800 officers from surrounding forces. A frequent complaint levelled at the organisation of such demonstrations has been the cost to local forces and council authorities of policing protests.

The Rotherham Advertiser notes that the EDL’s march route through Rotherham has been released by the police. The Star reports on the expected opposition to the protest in the form of anti racism campaigners. The Morning Star reports on the Sheffield Anti-Fascist Network’s plan for a counter-demonstration.

A statement by the Sheffield Anti-Fascist Network declares: “The last few years have seen a wave of demonstrations by far right groups, as well as an increase in attacks on Muslims.

“The new fascists primarily target Muslims but also expand their hatred to anyone who isn’t white, to immigrants, the left and trade unions.

“Their supporters have gone on the rampage and violently attacked Asian-owned businesses, students demonstrating against tuition fees and have been convicted of arson attacks on mosques.”


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