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Daily Express ignores Muslim counter-demonstrations

Daily Express ignores Muslim counter-demonstrations

Categories: Latest News

Thursday October 29 2009

  As we approach Sat 31st October and British Muslim groups (Muslims4UK, ISB) prepare to counter the ridiculous ‘March for Shari’ah’ demonstration called by the Islam4UK fringe group, what groups do you suppose the Daily Express is busy promoting?

No prizes for guessing of course, the DE’s obsession with Anjem Choudary and his al-Muhajiroun (or Islam4UK as they are now known) ilk is well known to bemused British Muslims.

The paper today (image above) grants the fringe group yet another page spread, this in addition to the coverage given to Islam4UK on the 15th and 16th of this month. And yet you’ll be hard pressed to find any coverage of the counter-demonstrations in the newspaper’s pages, this despite the paper’s editorial plea for the ‘moderate Muslim majority’ to speak out.

The Daily Express informs readers of when the Islam4UK march will take place and what route demonstrators will take through London. You would think the paper would mention the counter-demonstrations that are being supported by Muslims4UK and the Islamic Society of Britain too, wouldn’t you?

Except, as the DE no doubt is aware, mentioning the counter-demonstrations supported by British Muslim groups would puncture its persistent attempts to portray Muslims as fifth columnists.

The DE poll today asks readers whether they’re ‘fed up with fanatics trying to change Britain?’

A question for the Daily Express: does that include fanatics at the DE who seem intent on maligning and misrepresenting British Muslims by giving fringe groups like Islam4UK such enviable exposure?


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