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Cultural (in)sensitivity

Cultural (in)sensitivity

Categories: Latest News

Saturday September 20 2008

BNP Councillor for Marsden ward in Nelson, Brian Norton Parker, writes in Pendle Today that his objection to the postponement of a council meeting that was scheduled during Ramadan was not wrong, as implied, but perfectly reasonable given that ‘it really is incumbent upon them [migrants and settlers] rather than the rest of us to fit in’.

‘I fear the proposal to postpone the Nelson Town Council meeting was a simple stunt designed to demonstrate their perceived separateness and specialness of some Muslims.’

’The British National Party exists to promote the traditional values and culture of these islands. We also believe passionately in individual freedom – any man is entitled to adopt whatever religion he chooses. We do not, however, welcome attempts to impose a worldwide Caliphate by stealth, as exemplified by recent suggestions we adopt Sharia law. In this respect, Islam differs from Judaism and Christianity’, he wrote.

That Mr Parker goes from postponing a meeting during Ramadan out of concern for Muslim councillors to the imposition of a Caliphate by stealth or the wholesale adoption of Shari’a in the UK is perhaps to be expected given his party colours. And it is of no surprise that he should distinguish between Islam and the other monotheistic religions, Judaism and Christianity. Islam has become something of a hobby horse for the BNP and Mr Parker’s letter is just another sad example.


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