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Cleveland PCC, Barry Coppinger, commits to do more to tackle hate crime

Cleveland PCC, Barry Coppinger, commits to do more to tackle hate crime

Categories: Latest News

Monday February 23 2015

The Hartlepool Mail reports on the commitment expressed by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland, Barry Coppinger, to tackle hate crime in the region after a study compiled by Hartlepool Borough Council found a high incidence rate of hate crime in the area and a low level of police reporting.

The Borough Council surveyed 155 town people of whom 43 per cent said they had been a victim of hate crime. Almost three-quarters of them (73%) suffered verbal abuse, while 42 per cent suffered ‘physical or intimidation hate crime’.

The study also found that of those who had been victims of hate crime, 43% had reported the crimes but 37% had not, with 29% of those who hadn’t reported saying they felt there was no point because they would not be taken seriously.

Furthermore, 17% of those who had not reported the hate crime said they did not believe the police would do anything about it.

The figures reinforce other empirical studies on the significant under-reporting of hate crime and the widespread belief that police services are unable to do something about it.

Police and Crime Commissioners in different parts of the country have been taking a lead in tackling hate crime with a number of force area ramping up efforts to encourage reporting and ensuring police services are more adept at dealing with victim reports.


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