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Channel 4 Dispatches asks: “Who speaks for British Muslims?” MEND responds: Muslims speak for themselves

Channel 4 Dispatches asks: “Who speaks for British Muslims?” MEND responds: Muslims speak for themselves

Categories: Latest News, Press Releases

Tuesday March 27 2018

Channel 4’s Dispatches programme launched an attack on MEND on Monday as a consequence of our credible and sustained engagement in the public sphere.

Please watch the video above where our CEO rebuts the claims made in the programme and shows how it had a biased agenda.

The first thing to note is the title of the programme: “Who speaks for British Muslims?” MEND would like to state firmly and categorically:

Muslims speak for themselves.

MEND proudly advocates for issues that affect British Muslim communities – we have never claimed to represent British Muslims.

MEND works tirelessly to ensure a future society where minority communities have the tools and the confidence to actively participate in political and civic life, and in which they are free from discrimination and marginalisation on the basis of religion, gender, ethnicity, race or sexuality.

We remain dedicated in our efforts to tackle Islamophobia in the UK and we will continue to unapologetically work towards empowering our communities within political and media spaces.

We will continue to work with local and national stakeholders including police constabularies and councils who have a genuine desire to address important issues that affect vulnerable and minority communities.

It should also be remembered that the documentary displayed some of the undeniable achievements of MEND. We are hugely proud of the work we have done and continue to do in empowering communities both through grassroots engagement and national advocacy.

MEND would like to thank all of our supporters; in particular those who have not supported us because it is an easy thing to do, but because it is the right and the courageous thing to do.

And because Islamophobia is not just a problem for Muslims. Any form of hate is society’s problem and we all have a collective responsibility to tackle it.

Please continue to support our work by either donating at https://mend.org.uk/get-involved/donate/ or even volunteering at https://mend.org.uk/get-involved/volunteer/.    


Who speaks for British Muslims?

Muslims speak for themselves.

Find our rebuttal to all the allegations contained in the programme here.


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