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Britain First in 'Muslim grooming' leaflet campaign

Britain First in 'Muslim grooming' leaflet campaign

Categories: Latest News

Monday March 17 2014

Local paper, the Blackburn Citizen, reports on the latest anti-Muslim antics of far right political party, Britain First.

The party, whose leader, Paul Golding, is expected to stand in the upcoming European Parliament elections, has posted a video on its website showing three men visiting the home of local councillor, Salim Mulla, and pushing leaflets about ‘Muslim grooming’ through the letterbox.

The video also shows the men visiting a Premier Inn and Travelodge in the town and warning staff about letting Muslims enter the establishments with young white women.

According to the paper, “Mr Golding says in the video on the Britain First website that ‘there will be consequences’ for establishments that ignore the warning.

The video also shows Golding saying “These areas we are going through now are absolutely 100 per cent colonised by Muslims.

“We hope it will put a dent in the Muslim grooming in this town.”

“The group’s co-founder Jim Dowson, a former BNP fundraiser with links to militant Ulster Unionism, said the group would return to Blackburn and Burnley with its campaign against ‘Muslim Grooming: Britain’s Secret Shame’. He said the party was not racist adding: “The problem is Islam. Grooming is predominantly an Islamic activity.””

It is open to question whether leaflets containing similar claims about groups defined by race, for example Jews, would go unprosecuted under incitement legislation.

In his former incarnation as the leader of the English National Resistance, Golding organised a protest against a mosque in Crayford over its separate entrances for men and women labelling the provisions ‘gender apartheid’.

It would seem through his latest provocation that Golding hopes to exploit the child sex exploitation issue to drum up support for his candidacy for the European elections in May.


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