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Britain First and the halal slaughterhouse “invasion”

Britain First and the halal slaughterhouse “invasion”

Categories: Latest News

Thursday May 05 2016

Almost a year on from Britain First initiating a nation-wide “anti-halal operation”, starting with a restaurant in Dartford last June, the Metro and Independent report on the far right group posting a video on their Facebook page on their “invasion” of a halal slaughterhouse in London.
The video, which shows the party’s deputy leader, Jayda Fransen, harangue workers and customers, is said to have been filmed by the party leader, Paul Golding.
Golding has led a number of “invasions” on mosques in the UK with several protests outside the East London Mosque recently attractingstern criticism and calls for a ban from the Tower Hamlets Mayor, John Briggs.
Fransen can be seen in the video railing against halal meat and challenging workers about why they are offering animals up to “Allah, a fake god, Satan.”
Fransen can be heard saying “Don’t you realise you’re in Great Britain? In Britain, why do we have halal slaughterhouses? Why are you offering these animal up to Allah, a fake god, Satan. Do any of you have any morals?
“Look at all these people here buying halal-slaughtered meat. You are in Great Britain. Halal slaughter is barbaric. How can you live with yourselves? Look at you, every single one of you. This is a Christian country and the Bible says no Christian should eat meat offered to a false god.
“My grandfather fought for this country and he didn’t do that for you people to turn it into little Pakistan by you people carrying out these barbaric practices for a disgusting, vile ideology.”
In the 10 minute video shot last June, party leader, Paul Golding was heard arguing that those who eat at restaurants selling halal meat are unintentionally funding terrorism. He went on to claim that a 2.5% payment given on all halal products is “funnelled out to jihadi groups, terrorist groups and maybe even ISIS.”
In similar vein, members of the far right social movement can be heard in the most recent video accusing shoppers of funding terror groups like “Hamas, Hezbollah al-Qaida and ISIS” with their dinners. Fransen herself accuses customers of “funding terrorism” and repeats the claim “zakat goes toward the mujahideen.”
The far right party has caused considerable nuisance to Muslims staging protests at mosques up and down the country and filming their antics for their social media pages.
We hope local politicians and police forces will do more to tackle their menacing behaviour.

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