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Arrested Nazi terrorist who had bomb kit: “I just hate the f*****g Muslims”

Arrested Nazi terrorist who had bomb kit: “I just hate the f*****g Muslims”

Categories: Latest News

Wednesday July 18 2018

The Edinburgh News reports on how a Nazi sympathiser and avid Islamophobe has been found guilty of terrorism after a house raid found a “bomb in construction”.

Peter Morgan, 35, resident of Taylor Place, Edinburgh, was found guilty by Edinburgh High Court of two offences under the Terrorism Act 2000 and one offence under the Explosive Substances Act 1883 on the 13th of July 2018.

His home was raided after emergency services were called to attend to a collapsed woman within the tower block and a resident pointed out that the woman had previously visited Mr Morgan’s flat.

Police forced their way into the residence, concerned with the safety of other residents, and were confronted with dangerous material capable of causing extreme bodily harm and literature confessing his Islamophobic and white-supremacist views.

Within Mr Morgan’s computer, the police found the 1978 racist novel ‘The Turner Diaries’, widely considered, including by the FBI, as the “bible of the racist right”. The novel advocates for a race war to be pursued by white Americans against Jews, gays and non-Whites who all deserved to be “exterminated”.

It was also found that Mr Morgan had sent several Islamophobic messages including: “I just hate the f*****g Muslims. Don’t want any more of those f*****s up here” and that Muslims “p****d” him off regardless of whether they were White, Black or Brown.

Within his flat, the police also found a glass bottle studded with lead shot and nail gun rounds which an Army bomb disposal expert noted in the High Court trial could have made a “quite effective, viable” improvised explosive device (IED). The expert noted that other material found within the flat including explosive powder, fuses, screws and steel tacks were probably intentioned to be used for the IED which would have caused “horrific injury” once completed.

Other concerning material included: an IRA volunteers’ handbook on guerrilla warfare, books on how to turn guns into fully automatic weapons, Nazi memorabilia, copies of an Al-Qaeda terrorism manual and multiple guides on preparing IEDs.

Judge Lord Boyd, after Mr Morgan was found guilty by the jury, decided to not sentence him straight away and rather wait for reports about Morgan’s character and previous convictions which are said to stretch over two decades.

Judge Lord Boyd said: “I could sentence you today but I prefer to obtain a full report about your background. I will refrain from making comments about the offences to which you have been convicted of. In the meantime, you will be remanded in custody”.

Mr Morgan will be sentenced by Edinburgh High Court on the 16th of August 2018.

It is reassuring to see that the police were able to effectively apprehend the terrorist Peter Morgan resulting in his conviction. In recent years a considerable rise in far-right terrorism has been noted by authorities, with a similar case including that of Connor Ward who was convicted by Glasgow High Court in April 2018 for planning attacks against mosques. Indeed, Europol’s most recent ‘Terrorism, Situation and Trend Report’ noted that of all of the foiled, failed or completed terrorist attacks attributed to right-wing extremists (RWE) in 2017 all were reported by the UK.

The EU Security Commissioner Julian King has also previously warned of the threat of far-right terrorism.

Mr King said: “So while today’s book is focussed on jihadist radicalisation albeit recognising that right-wing extremism can have an impact on that radicalisation. I think we also need to keep in mind the growing menace of right-wing violent extremism”.

He added: “In the course of last year, we’ve witnessed an increasing number of attacks against mosques and asylum centres. There was also the brutal murder in the UK of the British Member of Parliament, Jo Cox…such attacks are no less appalling but tend sometimes to go less reported and to attract less attention”.


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