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Arabic speakers on Manchester bus allegedly abused by female passenger

Arabic speakers on Manchester bus allegedly abused by female passenger

Categories: Latest News

Monday November 14 2016

The Mirror last week reported on a suspected hate crime incident aboard a Manchester bound bus where a group of passengers speaking in Arabic were allegedly abused by a fellow passenger.

Ryan McPhee posted footage from the incident, which happened on a First Manchester 100 bus service at around 11pm on November 1, onto his Facebook page. The video has since been viewed 25,000 times.

McPhee recounted how a woman on the bus, addressing a group of people speaking in Arabic, told them to stop talking “because it wasn’t English”.

McPhee, 25, said the woman “was saying ‘you’re in our country so you should speak our f***ing language’ – while looking at me and another person, who were white like we was going to back her up.”

The woman went on to tell the group, comprising three men and one woman, “you shouldn’t be in my country.”

McPhee said when the woman told the group to “shut the f*** up,” he intervened to confront her about her abuse.

McPhee asked the group what language they were conversing in before assuring them that they were free to speak in whatever language they chose.

McPhee rebuked the woman, telling her “there is no need to get on the bus and be racist” while telling her that conduct such as hers made people like him want to leave the UK.

 The woman continued her abuse of the group claiming “[they] are taking our f***ing jobs.”

 But when challenged by McPhee to explain how they “are taking our f***ing jobs,” the woman fell silent.

 McPhee’s video has attracted a number of comments from individuals praising him for not standing idly by. One user wrote: “Well said Ryan – too many people just look the other way!”

 It is not known if the incident has been reported to British Transport Police or First Manchester.


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