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Anti-EDL demo in Manchester on Saturday 10th October

Anti-EDL demo in Manchester on Saturday 10th October

Categories: Latest News

Wednesday October 07 2009

  Lancaster Unity is calling on anti-fascist campaigners and supporters to join a counter-demonstration in Manchester on Saturday 10th October, 12 noon at Piccadilly Gardens.

The English Defence League has organised a demonstration in Manchester on Saturday and Lancaster Unity is urging people to:

Not sit back and allow a small minority of racist thugs with links to the fascist BNP to terrorise and intimidate Muslims in Britain.

‘All communities need to stand up and link arms with Muslims against the EDL. That’s why there was a counter demonstration against the EDL in Birmingham in August. That’s why thousands of people were mobilised in Harrow last month to defend the local mosque against the EDL and its affiliates.’

‘We need to turn out and tell the EDL that they are not wanted in Manchester or anywhere else. We must not let these thugs turn the clock back to the 1970s when they ran round the streets terrorising black and Asian people — or back to the 1930s when Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts targeted Jews in the East End of London.

Further details on the anti-fascist protest in Manchester here.

Meanwhile, the Council of Mosques in Manchester is set to issue guidance to all mosques and Islamic centres in the area on Friday 9th October telling anti-EDL demonstrators to keep away because their presence ‘may only serve to undermine the image of Muslims as a law-abiding and peaceful people.’

The CoMM is to advise anti-fascist supporters that ‘well-intentioned individuals may inadvertently be provoked into violence with the far right protestors.

As such we consider it unwise to attend any counter protest that are organised and strongly recommend all people and organisations to stay away. All people are reminded to act to challenge anti Islamic propaganda in an intelligent and peaceful manner.

The CoMM are also encouraging individuals to write to the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police urging the decision to allow the EDL protest to go ahead to be reconsidered.


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