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10 year old Muslim boy abused and punches while playing in Hull park

10 year old Muslim boy abused and punches while playing in Hull park

Categories: Latest News

Tuesday April 26 2016

The Hull Daily Mail reports on an assault on a 10 year old Muslim boy who was “set upon” by a “gang of youths” who punched and kicked him as he played with friends in a local park.

The incident, which happened around 7pm on Friday 22 April has left the victim “too afraid” to go out to play with friends in the park according to his father.

The victim, 10 year old Abdul Azeem Khaliq, had been playing with a friend at Bude Park in Bransholme when he was approached by a gang of children, aged between 9 and 13. One of the children called Abdul Azeem a “fat p*** b******” before “punching him the face, tripping him up and kicking him repeatedly while he lay defenceless on the floor.”

Other children playing in the park came to Abdul Azeem’s aid as he ran home to alert his parents.

His father, Mo Khaliq, went to the park to identify the offenders but said the gang “ran off when they saw me.”

Abdul Azeem suffered bruising to his head and jaw in the attack.

The local paper reports that a number of similar incidents have happened in the area in recent weeks prompting Abdul Azeem’s father to urge local parents to take responsibility for their children’s conduct.

Mr Khaliq told the local paper: “I am totally disgusted and still very angry about what has happened.”

“I want to find out who is responsible for this so their parents can be aware of their behaviour.

“Many parents don’t know where their kids are these days and what they are getting up to, there is no discipline there. They need to take responsibility for their kids.”

Mr Khaliq reported the incident to Hull police who have confirmed that a nine year old has been visited by police officers at his home in connection with the incident.

A police spokeswoman said: “Officers were due to give words of advice to a nine-year-old Bransholme boy yesterday, following claims he was involved in the assault of a ten-year-old in the park off Bude Road.

“The victim was walking with a friend in the park when it is said a group of children approached them and that one of the group assaulted the ten-year-old. The nine-year-old’s parents have also been made aware of the incident and have spoken to their son.”

Hull police have also urged anyone with information about the incident to call police on 101, quoting log 557 of April 22.



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