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Far-Right Violence: New Zealand Attacks  – Write to your MP!

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Latest News

MEND Statement on attacks at Mosques in New Zealand

Words cannot express the sadness, shock, and outrage of the devastating murders at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Latest reports indicate that nearly 50 people have already been confirmed dead – Indeed to God we belong and to God we shall return. MEND expresses its support and...

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How loyal do British Muslims have to be?

With an estimated population of about 3.4 million in the UK contributing over £31 billion to the UK economy and wielding an incredible spending power of £20.05 billion, while also donating more than £100 million every year to charity in both national and international humanitarian causes; Muslim...

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IWD: Empowering Muslim women to participate in team sports

Brunel University in London has become the first UK University to offer a sports hijab as part of their university kit. The initiative stems from an investigation from the students’ union that found a gap in BAME female sports participation and that there were barriers to Muslim women taking part...

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IWD: Muslim women who have transformed the field of science

The intellectual contribution of Muslim women to our society has often been minimised within previous patriarchal societies as well as the current patriarchy we live in. In fact, unsurprisingly, the contribution of Muslim women has played, and continues to play, an integral role within the Muslim...

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IWD: The rise of Muslim women in politics and media

Muslim women are steadily redefining their place in British society, challenging the ‘triple penalty’ of race, religion and gender which disadvantages them in employment, and in the high levels of reported hate crime. By taking roles that challenge negative stereotypes of the ‘oppressed’...

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The dangers of ignoring the threat from the far-right

The far-right is mobilizing in the UK, and society looks set to suffer so long as politicians stay wilfully oblivious to the danger it poses. A suspected right-wing terrorist was recently arrested, serving as an apt reminder of the ongoing threat emanating from people who hold these beliefs. The...

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