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Latest News

Losing My Religion Conference 2019

MEND’s flagship Losing My Religion Conference (LMRC) is coming back and it’s bigger than ever! At times when the Muslim communities are being portrayed as backwards, LMRC 2019 sets to be an opportunity for our communities to take back the narrative! To take ownership of what it means to be a...

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When victims become suspects

  The Islamophobia Response Unit (IRU) is MEND’s helpline that seeks to support victims of Islamophobic hate crime and discrimination. Recently, the IRU has received cases wherein a victim had reported their experiences to the authorities, only to be questioned and treated as ‘suspects’...

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MEND Statement: Parkfield School

In recent months, the parents of Parkfield School and others have come out to protest against a programme some perceive to be interfering with their religious rights. “No Outsiders” produced by Andrew Moffat, the assistant head teacher at Parkfield, aims to educate children about issues such...

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Notre Dame Fire Adopted within Anti-Muslim Narratives

In the hours following the burning of the Notre Dame on the 15th of April, one of the narratives that quickly amassed was that the fire was intentionally caused by Muslims, and ‘they’ were celebrating the destruction of the cathedral. Before official statements were made that the fire was not a...

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Misrepresentations of Muslims in Mainstream Media

Misrepresentation of minorities within film and broadcasting is not a new concern, but it is essential to refresh the mental criteria of what is expected of Muslim representation on the screen to ensure a more positive and constructive presence. We are increasingly seeing Muslims on the television;...

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Suspicious device on train ruled out as “terrorism”

There is often inconsistency in the language of political and media narratives regarding the term “terrorism”, with its application frequently appearing to rest upon who committed the atrocity. The police have been investigating two devices that were found on rail tracks in Cambridgeshire and...

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Acts of Charity in Ramadan

  The negative portrayal of Muslims in mainstream British media has emerged as an issue of increasing concern over recent years. A study from Lancaster University highlights that for every mention of ‘moderate’ Muslims in the media, there are 21 references to ‘extremist’ Muslims and...

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Jacinda Arden : A leader like no other

  The horrific massacre in Christchurch has undoubtedly left both Muslim communities and wider society shaken. Nonetheless, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Arden, has demonstrated noble and effective leadership by immediately offering support to the Muslim communities in New...

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