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BNP exploits animal rights to further anti-Islam agenda

BNP exploits animal rights to further anti-Islam agenda

Categories: Latest News

Monday March 18 2013

Local paper, the Skegness Standard, reports on the work of an anti-fascist, animal rights group which has spoken out against the BNP’s exploitation of the animal rights agenda to further their anti-Muslim politics.

The East Midlands Anti-Fascists (EMAF)  issued a statement ahead of a planned BNP protest outside an abattoir in Skegness distancing its animal rights considerations from the hypocritical, opportunistic position advanced by the BNP. The local paper reports on the statement by EMAF:

“The fascist British National Party will hold a demonstration outside Skegness’ halal slaughterhouse today. In the absence of a genuine animal rights movement, the BNP is exploiting the real concern of local people about the treatment of animals for its own racist and divisive political agenda,” said a spokesperson for EMAF.

“The BNP only campaign against halal slaughter, not the almost identical kosher slaughter or animal rights abuses committed by white British farmers, because they have identified racism against Asian Muslims as a vote winner.

“Genuine animal rights activists, such as Bristol Animal Rights Collective, have called the focus on halal slaughter “a sign of racial and cultural discrimination” and stated that they “hope [fascists] will be shown that they’re not welcome in Skegness or the animal liberation movement!

“The BNP’s supposed stance against animal cruelty is hypocrisy. The party has given active support to fox hunting in the past.

“Unlike the BNP, East Midlands Anti-fascists are opposed to all animal cruelty. We do not make distinctions based on the ethnic or religious background of the perpetrators.”


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